Monday, April 21, 2014

How good a liar is Putin, really?

Христос Воскрес! Christ is Risen. 

It is Easter Monday, Обливаний понеділок, and I am angry. Not happy about Christ having arisen for our salvation, but angry that Putin has once again threatened our freedom.

I have been angry about the new situation in Ukraine for some time. It is so clear that the insurgency in Eastern Ukraine over the past few weeks is being orchestrated by ex-KGB liar Putin. It is clear that the insurgents are Russian special forces troops. Photos have been documenting this consistently for the past couple of weeks. Today's New York Times carries US sanctioned photos released by Ukraine's government clearly identifying the troops on the ground as Russian special forces. The way in which it is all unfolding is entirely akin to Georgia and Crimea. Putin's greed is clear. The West's apathy is as well.

Putin is a blatant liar. He says there are no Russian troops on Ukraine's soil. He said the same in Crimea, then later admitted that of course Russian troops backed the loyal separatists. When will he admit his lies this

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The meaning of ethnicity and culture in Ukraine

Millenia of migrations and co-existing populations create a golden heritage

Ukrainians are for the most part a tolerant people.  Despite the corruption that was rampant under Yanukovych, there was a greater degree of freedom in Ukraine than there has been in Russia under ex-KGB chief Putin's rule.  Kyiv Post has been reporting in English frankly and other media have had relative freedom to tell it as they see it, with a few exceptions. Tetiana Chornovol, a prominent Ukrainian civic activist and journalist was beaten on Christmas Day and said she believes her attackers were paid to kill her. This was after she took photos of Yanukovych's and other oligarchs palaces being built behind massive walls.  Were they building the walls to keep themselves safe inside or keep prying eyes out? Did they think they could fool all the people forever? What did they do with all that loot?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Religion in Ukraine

Byzantine Rite Catholic is Orthodox, isn't it?

I have had to answer this question more times than I can count. Now, living in a very Roman Catholic country, I find it's even more curious that very few people have even heard of Byzantine Catholic. I mean Catholic is Catholic, isn't it. Not quite.