Tuesday, January 31, 2017

America in decline: the cycle of growth and survival of a culture

By Daria Blackwell

written May 2016

Much has been written about corporate life cycles and survival of the mature corporation.  In my view, a country goes through the various life cycle stages much like a corporation does, from start-up to maturity and decline. My contention is that America is in its late stages of decline.

An article in Harvard Business Review suggests that there are four stages in corporate development:

Stage 1: Youth and Enthusiasm
Stage 2: Adolescence and Ambition
Stage 3: Maturity and Best Practice
Stage 4: Change and Struggle for Survival

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trump's America

Yesterday was the most bizarre day of the post apocalyptic era yet.
The entire senior state department staff resigned, Trump put a gag order on all govt. social media communications, spawning a plethora of altgov sites like altEPA, altNPS, altNasa, altNWS etc on Twitter. There have been no tweets on any of the official govt sites -- yesterday the National Weather Service was tracking a massive storm in the Gulf of Maine with 27 foot waves -- today nothing. The country's scientists are uniting and organizing a march on Wash DC -- hundreds of thousands already signed up. A petition on the White House website demanding release of Trump's financial data to satisfy emoluments constitutional requirement has more than 300,000 signature. The President has an insecure private android phone but no one is investigating his emails, his daughter and 2 senior staffers are registered to vote in more than one state, and he's going to investigate voter fraud by US citizens but not by Russia. Orwell's 1984 -- the originator of "alternative truths" as a tactic -- is an instant bestseller again. A White House staffer started tweeting the truth about a madman in office and was shot down. 
But the resistance is underway.