Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Timothy Snyder on the destabilization of Europe and fall of democracy

Image result for on TyrannyImage result for BloodlandsOn March 3, Timothy Snyder, historian and author of books on Stalinist Russia and tyranny, has delivered a disturbing but very insightful lecture about Russia's role in destabilization of Europe. His conclusions are important for anyone analyzing what is happening across Europe today and how we got here.

In his remarks delivered during a  conference entitled “Ukraine, Russia and the EU: Europe, a Year After Crimea Annexation” held in Berlin on March 2, 2015, Snyder examines the tactics used in Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine -- annexing Crimea and starting a war along Russia’s border -- against the backdrop of European history.  He specifically examines the history and memory of World War II. He also looks at how Russia is trying to alter the memory of the aspects of the history that are most disturbing.

There is a report of his talk here.  He posits that Ukraine is but a small part of the Russian strategy to destabilize the European Union. In fact, he says that Europe has proven to be an easier target than Ukraine. Ukrainians know they have to resist. They resist Putin's attempt to rewrite history -- no Ukraine has not always been a part of Russia. Yes, Ukraine has been subjugated by Russia. No they are not culturally the same.

Snyder's new book, On Tyranny, looks at Trump's interest in undermining democracy in general. He suggests that the time to act is now because pretty soon, democracy will fall -- in the US and in Europe.  I can only pray he is wrong and do my small but not insignificant part in #TheResistance.

Ukraine Is But One Aspect of a Much Larger Strategy That Threatens European Order

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