Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tryzub - yet another link with Ireland

Wikimedia Commons

In researching the connection between Ireland and Ukraine, I found yet another link. Not only does Ireland share the heritage of Celts and Norwegians intermixing, so does Ukraine. Even the national symbol of Ukraine, the Tryzub or Trident, may have its roots in Scandinavian falconry, shared with that of a Viking King of Dublin. 

From Wikipedia:
"Most historians agree that the medieval symbol was not intended as depicting a trident, but most likely a stylized falcon. Depictions of a flying falcon with a cross above its head have been found in Old Ladoga, the first seat of the Kievan Rurik dynasty[2] of Scandinavian lineage.[3] Such a falcon, along with a cross are also featured on the coins of Olaf Guthfrithsson, a Viking king of Dublin and Northumbria.[2] Falconry for centuries has been a royal sport in Europe. The gyrfalcon (known also as Norwegian falcon) was considered a royal bird and is mentioned (ukr.: кречет) in one of the earliest epics of Ruthenia, the 12th century poem The Tale of Ihor's Campaign."

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